For The Good Or Bad In A Person: Kindness Is Magic

There is no definitive line for the good or bad within a person to merge into one or the other, because within good, there is bad, and within bad, there is good.

Every day, I do things I can be really proud of, and some days I do things that, frankly, when I look back, I can feel ashamed of. Every person on the planet is the same; sometimes they are proud of themselves, and sometimes they are ashamed and embarrassed.

Today I’m going to share a couple of stories of a proud moment of mine from a couple of months ago, that made a big impact on a couple of people, and a story from today that I’m not so proud of, and discuss the rollercoaster of emotions and judgements we can have on this self-development journey.



We are not saints, we are sinners. We all make mistakes. And we are all capable of good, even the people we deem as bad.

I don’t think goodness matters if there is a god or not, or if a person believes in God.

Some people who believe in God are mostly good, some people who believe can behave disgustingly a large percentage of the time.

Some people who don’t believe in God are mostly good, some people who don’t believe can behave disgustingly a large percentage of the time.

So, irrespective of your beliefs, just try to be good.

I try to be good.

Not because I’m aiming for heaven, or any ideological good place.

But because when I do something bad, I feel bad, and so do other people.

And when I do something good, I feel good, and so do other people.


I was at the airport a few months ago. And in the ladies’ bathroom, I found a phone that someone had left behind.

I went on a little wild goose chase trying to find the phone’s owner, and failed.

I saw on the locked screen that her flight was almost 4 hours away, so despite walking towards her gate, I realised she wouldn’t be going there that early!

So I decided to speak to a few workers and eventually the phone was handed to the service desk – and do you realise how hard it can be to hand a phone that you don’t own to someone you don’t know for safekeeping?!

It was so much harder than I expected! My ego was like “what if this person can’t be trusted?!”… as if I was the only trustworthy person on the planet. Because that made a lot of sense in that moment hahaha

A short while after, I was loitering nearby the hallway that led to the toilet, ordering some food, just in case I could catch up with the lost phone’s owner and I saw a very stressed lady come out.

I said to her: “You look so stressed. Are you ok?”

And she all but burst into tears telling me she’d lost her phone, and it was only a 3 week old replacement.

I explained my end of the story, and pointed her to the service desk after receiving a huge hug from her and infinite gratitude!

Shortly after, as I sat in the food court eating a late lunch, she sat nearby, and pointed to her phone in her hand and gave me the thumbs up, and a huge smile, mouthing “thank you” over and over.


Now for today’s story.

I can’t believe that I’m actuallly going to share this story before I’ve even forgiven myself for it.

I was pottering online, doing a favour for someone I didn’t even know, as a part of the process of continuing to build my website – we have a beautiful “pay-it-forward” system within Wealthy Affiliate, where we are encouraged to help each other out giving genuine feedback on each others’ websites.

After putting some genuine thought into how I would help this person, I received a comment back saying that my help wasn’t appreciated because this person had thought that I’d genuinely not spent enough time and effort into giving good feedback.

I was triggered.

I thought to myself “how dare this person tell me that I hadn’t put any effort in, and how dare she not appreciate the energy I put into giving a comment that I genuinely thought would be appreciated”.

So I brought her website up again, and scrolled through clicking on pages until I found where her email address was hiding.

And I did it.

I sent that email like the self-righteous brat that my ego was acting out.



Of course that poor person would’ve been quite taken aback. And even though I didn’t abuse her, I’m absolutely certain she’d have felt that I was harrassing her.

She’d had a bad run where people hadn’t been giving her page genuine feedback, and evidently, my comment had gone through very soon after she had posted wanting feedback, and she had taken a negative view on my comment, possibly without even reading it; it was simply discarded like junk.

She obviously wrote back calling me a few negative things, including being spiteful and I think she also said I was nasty. A few emails were flicked to and from before I realised that this lady was just feeling completely harassed – despite that not having been my intention! All I’d wanted was for her to consider how much effort other people might have put in to helping her with feedback.

I think my guides must’ve kicked my backside at that moment of realisation, and I automatically felt awful.

I sent another email where I apologised profusely, affirming to her that I should never have emailed her about this, reiterating that I had tried to give her a comment which would be appreciated and that I was sorry she hadn’t thought it was useful.

As soon as I changed my tune, she wrote back and apologised also, showing regret that we had spent that time bickering rather than helping each other with our websites, and recognising that I did have good intent, despite my original approach which I still feel genuinely awful about.



Despite good intentions, we can all do bad things.

And for all the good things we can sometimes do, it’s not always with good intentions.

The good and bad live together in this world of dualities and polarities.

In the end, it genuinely doesn’t take much to try to be kind.

It doesn’t take much to try to be a good person.

It doesn’t take much to correct our ways when we do f*** up and realise what we’ve done.

And the joy, love and happiness we share with others in doing so, is worth every ounce of effort we put in.

Imagine if the entire world was able to live in that much gratitude and happiness toward each other all the time.

What a world this would be!


Love and Blessings,

Josie x

8 thoughts on “For The Good Or Bad In A Person: Kindness Is Magic

  1. I agree with you on the fact that a person cannot be all good. There are times I would do something and after some minutes I will be wondering if I’m the one that actually did that act and I will feel bad about it and there are times I will be happy for doing something good, but there’s is one thing I discovered, if you do good you will always be happy, I’m not sure if you have taken note on that before.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, yes I have definitely taken notice of feeling happy when you do things with good intentions. It lifts our vibration so much!

      Josie x

  2. It indeed could be a much better world if everyone invested in more kindness. Sometimes I think I’m looking at devolution. It is really up to the masses of “ordinary people” to keep goodness in the world, since it seems evident that the ones with the most power don’t care.
    Not that there aren’t rich and powerful people who don’t share, we know that there are.
    But daily, it does come down to each one of us doesn’t it?
    I enjoyed your stories. None of us are perfect, but our self reflection can keep us on a happy path, which will affect others.

    1. I love your comment! Yes, I agree, sometimes it can be so dehumanising to look at all that is going on in the world, and how there are humans out there in government etc that don’t seem to have learned from humanity’s past errors, but as you say, as a general rule, it truly does come down to each one of us to make a difference. The best way to make a difference is within ourselves, and by changing our internal landscape, we effect everyone and everything by the ripple effect.

      Thank you for your comment,

      Josie x

  3. Wow, what a great post!  I loved reading your stories.  I know, it is a much better feeling to feel good about doing good.  I know I do.  And I know I feel rotten when I do something that is not very characteristic of me at all.  It is funny because I travel a lot and I did leave my phone in the restroom, and I was frantic. I thought, I will never get it back….obviously thinking the worst.  But I went to the information desk, and there it was.  So I try to pay it forward, and do good whenever I can.  Much better feeling for sure!

    1. Oh, gosh! I’ve done similar – I left behind a pair of very expensive sunglasses at the airport, and with my old eye injury, I can’t go outside without eye protection because it is just too painful. There are definitely some beautiful people in this world, because, I too got my glasses back at the gate walking onto the plane. So much gratitude still for the person who handed them in! Being kind is simply magic for both sides of the fence – the person that does kind acts feels great, and the person who receives kindness feels great. 

      Josie x

  4. Hi Josie, thank you for this article for I admire you for how truthful you are about what you did this morning. 

    You are right, we do all have good and bad within ourselves and it is up to us how we deal with situations. It can be very easy to jump in there with two feet and retaliate with someone because you feel that you have been just brushed aside on something that could have taken you a while to do and it was shown to not be appreciated.

    I have done the same myself, but when we sit back and then think about things you realise that it was the wrong action to take but by then it’s too late. You did the right thing in both incidents though, you handed in the woman’s phone and I have to say I would also have been wary as to the other person being trustworthy as we never know what others are like but you also were able to tell the woman where her phone was so she got it back and was delighted. Then after going backwards and forwards in emails with the person this morning, you realised your mistake and therefore apologised.

    I really think that this article is a very good lesson to people to think before we jump in with two feet. Alright we may not be happy with the choice but we have to accept what happens. It is not up to us to choose for others what they decide. 

    Do not be too hard on yourself though as you said sorry and the person accepted. 

    1. This was such a beautiful comment, thank you Cheryl.

      It’s all a part of human nature, really, isn’t it? Those knee jerk reactions that happen to us before we even realise that it’s happened! That’s why I feel self development and spiritual growth is so incredibly important. The more we can take control in those moments, rather than being controlled by negative subconscious programming, the happier we are.

      Have a great night,

      Josie x

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