Self Healing By Meditation – The Real Magic Pill

Many people spend so much time outsourcing their energy and looking for quick fix answers and magic pills without realising how powerful self healing by meditation can be. But what if improving our life really is as simple as practicing some meditation on a daily basis?


As a society, and living within the matrix of societal values and what we are brought up with, and what we see on tv, magazines and even in facebook advertising is that there is a quick fix solution to everything.

We are led to believe as we grow up that there is some sort of magic pill that we can spend our lives searching for, and while this magical and super elusive pill is nearly impossible to find, once we get our hands on the slippery little sucker, it will literally fix everything in our lives!

We are taught that there should always be something we can take or do to fix every problem; that every solution happens at the blink of an eye.

The reality of the situation, however, is that very little to nothing has such a quick fix.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy though, don’t you think?



While all the many businesses are out there making money from us buying magic pill style products, in every which direction we can see in, our world is dying.

Our world is dying because we’ve become such a throw away culture.

There are so many marketers out there that understand the human mind and how to manipulate us and program us into thinking we need to spend “X” amount to buy this and that product because it’s going to give us a magic solution to every problem we have.

And we all, me included, fall for it. We all believe the marketing to some extent.

Everyone wants things handed to them on a silver platter, while ignoring or forgetting about how our consumeristic nature is raping and pillaging the planet by robbing it of it’s fossil fuels and littering it’s once-perfect oceans with plastics that suffocate the land, the seas and the amazing creatures that reside here. Including us.


The answer is inside us. It always has been inside us!

The reason why we have become a consumeristic society is because very few of us know how to handle our own emotions.

Yep. That’s right. It all comes down to our emotions.

We are all traumatised little human beings, because you can’t get through life without living some sort of trauma, and we aren’t emotionally intelligent enough to process all the yucky feelings.

So we follow the marketing that we see on all the different mediums we are subjected to, and we follow the pressure of our peers to buy different things because it’ll make our life happier.

The greatest trouble is it’s all a temporary fix, and then we’ll need to go and buy the next best thing out.

But all along the answer is inside us, and that answer is to deal with our own emotions that we’ve spent years repressing and pretending aren’t even there.


I’m not going to lie, it takes courage to take on a new level of awareness of yourself, and to enter into the powerful state of mind we call meditation.

We are going into meditation as a way to calm our mind, and the moment we calm our mind, we are able to see the first layer of emotions that we’ve shoved deep down inside us! Eeeep!

Are you brave enough to face those feelings? Feelings that you hid from your closest family? That you hid from your best friends?

Even more importantly, are you brave enough to face the feelings that you’ve hidden from yourself?

It takes so much courage to lower your walls and barriers of resistance, but once you can manage to pull down that facade of stoicism and indifference and take a look within, that’s where the magic really lies!


When we sit in meditation and face our own selves, confront our own emotions and gaze into the deepest darkest depths of our very own shadows, we truly have the power to heal.

Self healing takes place by dealing with all of the unresolved stuff that we’ve hidden so far away from others, that we didn’t know where to find it ourselves.

Until we sit in quiet solitude and allow that stuff to be seen.

And by seeing it, by recognising it, by acknowledging it, and by accepting it, we then reach a place that we no longer hold onto the damage the trauma caused and we begin responding and reacting to stimuli so much differently than we have for years.


There are so many ways you can start your self healing meditations; all that matters is that you pick one method of meditation every day and practice.

That’s why they call meditation a “practice”, because it genuinely gets easier and more powerful with practice and consistency.

Some of my favourite meditation styles include:

  • A walk in nature – without your phone! Just listen to the sounds of nature and be with your own thoughts.
  • Sitting in silence and following your breathing – you can do this with or without structuring your breath. Sometimes it can be easier to breathe in for 6 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, breathe out for 6 seconds, hold for 3 seconds. Play with what feels good for you.
  • Sitting in stillness, with some relaxing music.
  • Listen to a guided meditation.
  • Sit with no distractions and watch the flame on a candle, or the wood burn in a fireplace or campfire.
  • Repetitive mantra use. “Om” is a good one, or choose an affirmation such as “I am choosing to love and accept myself”.



The practice of meditation on your self healing journey may not give you an instant solution, or a quick burst of ecstatic joy, but I guarantee that the real power lies in letting go of unhealthy coping mechanisms which only give brief periods of respite, and finding real healing by going within.

The powerful results take some practice to get to, but if you do consistent and short daily meditation practice, I guarantee that you will find the real magic pill and true happiness!

Josie x

6 thoughts on “Self Healing By Meditation – The Real Magic Pill

  1. Hi Josie, what an amazing and inspiring post. You are so right about us being traumatized human beings. Whenever something bad happens to us we have a little shutdown, and those little shutdowns build up into massive walls over time. This is how I had it explained to me once at a meditation weekend I attended and it made perfect sense. Even small, seemingly harmless comments that get said to us as a child can cause an emotional shutdown that we are unaware of, which in turn can lead to certain behaviours as an adult. Complicated beings that we are!

    Meditation is something I practice regularly, and it has truly changed my life and helped me to process so many things. I thoroughly recommend it:)

    1. Exactly right Stefanie, those unassuming things that happen in childhood build our walls, brick by brick, and it takes so much self love, self awareness and healing to slowly knock them down again.

      I’m thrilled to hear you are already a regular meditation practiser!

      Love and Blessings,
      Josie x

  2. Fantastic article! Meditation gives us time to think. Many people believe that you have to keep your mind quiet while meditating, while the exact reverse is true. All we have to hear our thought and control them. I’ve learned, from experience, that 20 minutes daily helps to develop strong self-talk which then, as a result, allows you to control your world and not some advertiser on TV, FB, or radio. Thanks for a great read, keep up the good work. Ivan

    1. Exactly Ivan! Thanks for your comment, I am always telling people not to worry if they can’t clear their head – it’s about awareness of where your head is at, and if that is not clear, so be it. As you say, with a short meditation daily, you soon learn the mental mastery that meditation is designed for.

      Love and Blessings,
      Josie x

  3. Great post! As someone who has been practicing meditation for about a year now, I can vouch for how awesome it is.

    I find that every part of my life benefits from meditation. I listen to subliminal meditations at night, I do deep breathing, and I have affirmations for staying calm and focused.

    What do you recommend for people who cannot get away from toxic people, like at work? Do you have an uplifting affirmation that helps to counter negative energy from the people around us?

    1. Great to meet a fellow meditator!

      It can be super challenging when we can’t remove ourselves from toxicity! I love using the affirmation “I am safe and I am divinely protected”. It does help change our perspective, however, it is imperative that we clean up our thoughts, emotions and energy field! When we do that, other people’s toxicity doesn’t tend to “stick” to us.

      Good luck with your situation, I have faith in you!

      Love and Blessings,
      Josie x

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