The Importance Of Prayers For Healing The Mind And Heart

It’s so important to use prayers for healing the mind and heart, but it’s an important clarification that you do not need to be religious to pray! I know – it’s a common misconception, and some may even hate me for saying this! But give me a chance to explain…


A prayer is a noun, defined as “a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity“.

The religious community has really claimed the terminology, to such an extent that religious people are sometimes angered at non-religious people who use the word in a non-religious context, and to the extent that non-religious people feel cringe and feel a shiver up their spine when they hear the word.

In a really simple breakdown of this, a prayer is simply an expression of a wish, or a focus, on creating a solution to a problem they are facing; or an expression of gratitude for what they already possess.


For those whom are averse to using the word “God”, like I am, a prayer can be sent out to other deities.

For some people this may be Shiva or Shakti from the Hindu faith; Buddha Maitreya or Buddha Shakyamuni. There are obviously many other religious and spiritual deities that can be chosen, but for others, like myself, finding a specific deity might not be something that resonates.

When I pray, I tend to use non-denominational wording, such as “universe”, or “source”, or “the divine”.

For me the word “God” was ruined when I was a young child praying daily for my father to love me, and whilst I understand in my adult years that he always did, he didn’t love me as I needed him to during that crucial period of time, so I can’t help but cringe every time I hear the word!

It doesn’t matter what works for you; just choose an expression which not only means something to you, but has the capacity to conjure positive thoughts and feelings within our minds and hearts.


One of my favourite ways to pray is to have a chat with the universe while I am out walking in nature.

I am lucky, living on a rural property that I can do this every day if I want to! And I will be found doing this a couple of times a week most weeks.

It can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to make sure my phone is left behind, so I am capable of remaining present, and I spend a good few minutes just walking, re calibrating from the day’s stresses.

It rarely takes long to ground myself and centre within my being before getting started.

I find connection with all that is around me. I truly connect with all aspects of the world around me.

I look up into the sky, noticing all the clouds, or how blue the sky looks, feeling the breeze on my face.

I breathe in the smells; the crispness of the gum leaves, the damp petrichor that accompanies an afternoon shower.

And after my mind settles, and my heart is in tune with my surroundings, then I chat to the universe.



At different times, I will obviously chat to the universe about many varied things, but there is one chat that I love having regularly.

I love to ask, while staring up at the sky, and with arms wide open, in a very receptive posture:

“How can my life get better?”

I will ask this question many times throughout my walk, sometimes with variations, and semi regularly telling the universe exactly what it is I’d like for my life, and I’ll often follow up with:

“With gratitude, I am open to receiving this or a better possibility. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

I finish with this, because an attitude of gratitude is extremely powerful to healing our minds and hearts, and we must always remain open to the fact that the divine, however it is that you perceive the divine, always knows what’s best for us.

The divine always has a plan for us, and often we can block ourselves from receiving the amazing things that the divine has in store for us, by believing that those wonderful things aren’t possible for us, so affirm that you are open to all amazing possibilities!

As you can see, this style of prayer is so far removed from what many of us think of when someone talks about praying.



When we remove ourselves from the negative connotations of the things that don’t serve us, and start to see the truth of prayer, that’s hiding behind a thinly masked veil, we are certainly capable of learning and experiencing the full benefits that prayer can bring the mind and heart.

Healing the heart and mind is a process of surrendering and releasing all negative emotions that are blocking you from living your best life, and then training yourself to have mental mastery so that you can control your thoughts.

Prayer helps with this healing because you are connecting with the oneness of source, you are honing in on unity consciousness that all things are connected, and you are positively and solidly putting what you want out into the universe.

The simple act of stilling the mind and connecting with the heart is influential enough to have a healing effect.

Once you start adding some optimistic words directed to the divine, cultivating an attitude of gratitude and putting energy into the manifestation of more wonderful things to come into your world, you are well on the way to fast tracking your healing.

It’s not an overnight journey, but, just like meditation, prayer has a cumulative effect and when we take the time on a daily basis to include it in our lives, it’s an incredibly powerful tool for spiritual growth and self development.

Give this one a go, and comment back how you felt it worked for you, or feel free to share your favourite style of prayer.

Love and Blessings,

Josie x

4 thoughts on “The Importance Of Prayers For Healing The Mind And Heart

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It reminds me of what I do, which is a mindful nature walk. I don’t do exactly what you do, but it sounds like it’s similar to yours. A simple nature walk done with such awareness and gratitude is so joyful and healing just like you said, and I wish more people could learn to stop once in a while to enjoy life’s wonders and what we do have available. Thanks for sharing this in your beautiful words, Josie 🙂 I hope your day is amazing!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading! It’s fantastic to hear you’re already doing similar. It truly does alter our perceptions to something much more positive, and that in itself has the power to change our lives. I hope you’re having a lovely day also, thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Love and Blessings,
      Josie x

  2. Hi Josie,
    Great site! I am in the spiritual and self development niche as well so I really enjoy going to sites of like-minded people!
    I believe in the power of prayer and energy healing and love that you talk to Source while on nature walks. How perfect is that. I think that mother nature’s energy is so healing in itself.
    I went to the Redwood Forest in Northern Cali for my honeymoon and the energy I felt was so humbling and beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. To be surrounded by ancient trees that harboured so much knowledge, I had an overwhelming urge to hug them. I felt they were the grandfathers of that land, so I thanked them and left them an offering. It was such a heart-warming experience.
    I enjoy exploring, but sometimes in bigger cities my anxiety is triggered. I read a book called ‘The Art Of Walking’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and that was life changing and healing to me as well. I highly recommend all his books 🙂
    Peace and blessings,
    Shauna McNabb Cote

    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment, Shauna!

      I’m Australian, so I have only seen the incredible Cali forests in photos, and I can certainly imagine the knowledge and energy that you downloaded by connecting in with them. What a gorgeous experience, particularly to have on your honeymoon – super special! I have had similar experiences in Australia in some of the areas which still hold rock carvings and paintings from the ancient Aboriginals – so much incredible energy! Mostly it’s amazing, but there are a few places that many women feel uncomfortable going (can actually be scary!) that were once the indigenous men’s areas where women weren’t allowed to go. The energy still holds those boundaries.

      I’ve actually not read that book, but will certainly take you up on your suggestion. I quite enjoy reading Thich Nhat Hanh – thank you for the recommendation!

      Love and Blessings,
      Josie x

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